Welcome to the Academy

Brookwood International Academy is an independent Academy specialising in clinical research and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training and certification
for a wide range of commercial and non-commercial organisations

We provide Advertised Course and In-house bespoke Training - Examinations - Certification - Continuing Education and Updates - Supporting publications

Our aim is to provide high quality, up to date training at reasonable cost. Our course presenters are experienced teachers.
We aim to deliver courses using a mix of presentations and learning by involvement techniques

Privacy statement
Brookwood International Academy ('the Academy') provides online and face to face training programmes.
In order for participants of the programmes to view the narrated presentations and to sit the online examination, we enter the participant's email address on to an Internet page on a server.
This allows the participant to gain access to the training programme by logging in using their email address and a password.
For all of our courses we process each participants name, affiliation, address, results of online tests and usage of the training programme.
The participant's data is not used for any purpose other than that related to the training programme.
Where the participant has been sponsored by another organisation, a copy of the participant's usage data and results of any test or examination may be provided to the sponsor.

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